Beautiful image rich layout with text fallback. Quick access to subscriptions. Easily mark all items as read. Support for mark previous items or mark a day/week old items as read.
Feature packed app bar that lets you mark, sort, filter, pin and sync. Extreamly fast, incremental sync engine that will never download an article twice and optimizes battery life.
Crisp article view for your reading pleasure. The built-in mobilizer is extreamly fast and accurate. Redability support that lets you read "stingy" feeds without leaving the app.
Customize article reading to your liking or use Instapaper, Redability and even a browser based reading mode. Integration with Instapaper, Pocket and share charm.
Fully working portrait and snapped mode. Support for multiple live tiles. Background tasks to keep your feeds updated while you're away.
Lots of settings that lets you be in control. Download as many or as little based on your reading style.